Easy Japanese Learning is an android application to learn Japanese vocabulary and Kanjis.

Practice Hiragana & Katakana, rich set of Kanjis, Vocabulary lessons and Japanese words for daily usage. Search nearby language training institutes as well.

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Easy Japanese learning is an Android application suitable to learn basics of Japanese language.

This application helps to learn Japanese Kana like Hiragana and Katakana.
You can practice hiragana katakana letters as well.
You can test your knowledge about Hiragana and Katakana through test options. This test shows correct and wrong scores instantly, using which you can improve your Japanese language skills.
There is also a provision to test your Japanese Vocabulary knowledge through various tests as well.

Easy Japanese learning application consists of lessons to learn Japanese Vocabulary as well.
you can plan several vocabularies each day and accordingly plan your Japanese study.
These lessons consists of Hiragana, Kanji and its meaning in English for learning and revision purpose. Also you will get daily notification to learn one word per day. This will help you to continue your Japanese study and we will take care that you won't be lazy in your study.

"Easy Japanese language" also provides rich set of vocabularies which contains daily used Japanese vocabulary words.
This Japanese vocabulary lessons is very essential for beginner who lives in Japan and needs to deal with day to day activities.
It contains Japanese names for animals, flowers, vegetables, types of Japanese fishes, Japanese food items, drinks, family, Japanese greetings, body parts, vehicles, numbers in Japanese and much more information.

Easy Japanese learning also provides you rich set of Kanji lessons which will help you to start for learning Japanese very easily.


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